Important Info



USMS Only! Unfortunately due to the increased insurance cost and additional restrictions,  OWS "B2B" will not be sanctioned under USMS. The USMS will swim as Non-Sanctioned swimmers in a separate heat (wave) following the USAS swimmers. The awards and scoring procedures remind same for both groups. Non-Sanctioned will be awarded as announced previously in the Race Information by age groups: 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc. All swimmers will be covered (insured) by Insurance Management Co.


1. The parents (not chaperons or anyone else) of all 18 & Under swimmers must sign the waiver release form (2nd page of the race information). If you are planning to car pool any swimmers, ask them to bring the form signed by the swimmer’s parent or legal guardian.


2. DO NOT apply Vaseline, sunscreen or any other open water race lotions before numbering to be done. Keep your body dry and clean prior to the numbering table.


3. USAS membership card (or copy) is required upon registration. There will be one day USAS registration available ($15.00) at the day of the race.


4. At the registration table, each swimmer will receive a card with the competitor's number. This card serves as a "ticket" to the assigned race. The card must be handed over to the Security at the dock entrance prior to the race (before entering in the water). In case you lose or misplaced the card, please ask the register to issue you a new card with the same number. DO NOT LOOSE OR MISPLACE THE CARD WITH YOUR COMPETITION #!


5. NEW "Bridge to Bridge" will use for all races a chip registering system (J-Chips USA). A single chip will be placed on the arm of each swimmer to register the final time and place of finish. Once the chip is placed on swimmer's wrist, the chip can't not be removed or damaged in any circumstances. For additional help or assistance, please direct the Race Referee.  


6. Swimmers are not allowed to wear a wetsuit. (Check the wetsuit clarification below)


7. There will be a time limit for 5K and 2K races.

·         The 5K swimmers are required to turn around the first buoy (half way of the distance) in approximate of 50min. after the start.

·         The 2K swimmers should past the half race mark in the first 40 min. after the start of the race.

·         Upon the Race Director's discretion, swimmers who are in distress and have difficulties finishing the race based on the above requirements might be pulled out of the race.


8. If you have a kayak and wish to volunteer, call the Meet Director or approach anyone at the registration table.


9. Awards will be given to all top 3 finishers from each age group. We can't process the awards unless all swimmers complete the race. It takes some time and for that reason we ask you to be patient.


10. Regularly check our website ( ) for additional information and updates prior to the race.


Clarification of Using a Wetsuit

"Bridge-to-Bridge" open water races are sanctioned under USAS. The organizers of B2B and the Race Director decided not to allow the use of wetsuit in any of the three races - 800m, 2K and 5K.

Swimmers who decided to use a wetsuit will be allowed to swim his/her race (s), but will not participate in the final scoring. The swimmer will not receive an award for her age group.


B2B Organizing Committee